Lavishing words of praise in the direction of the Bride is an integral aspect of a Best Man speech. We have previously discussed Complimenting the Bride during a Best Man speech, this is an extension along the same lines though now we will pay particular attention to the descriptive terms to use when using compliments in your speech.

Compliments never let you down, the feel-good factor already present in the room is raised a notch when you choose to compliment someone. Jokes can fall flat on their face, (though not if you got them here from us of course) or punch-lines misconstrued, however compliments offer a reliability and certainty of success that make them a Best Man’s best friend.   

Calling the Bride “beautiful” is essential but bear in mind that in all probability every speaker on the wedding day will be using the same words “beautiful Bride” so why not refer to her as a “gorgeous Bride who happens to be a beautiful person”, similarly “wonderful day” can be another overused term in a Best Man speech so I would ensure your speech only has it mentioned once, after that you can say “jubilant day” or “joyous occasion”.

The correct use of compliments can have the same effect as your funniest Best Man speech joke I have been at weddings where impromptu standing ovations occur in the middle of the Best Man’s speech all because he chose clever ways to compliment someone.

Here are 3 examples below that illustrate the point, note in each example I begin with “Ladies and gentlemen” and I end with “I’m sure you all agree?.”

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, John and Sarah separately are each wonderful people who inspire us in many ways but together they are complete, I’m sure all agree?
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a breathtakingly vivacious Bride who has not only won John’s heart she has won all of our hearts, I’m sure you all agree?
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, rarely have I ever seen a Bride so stunning, she is a study in splendor while John is a friend like no other, they make the perfect couple I’m sure you all agree?

As you say the words “I’m sure you all agree?” ensure that you are looking directly at the audience, as if expecting a response from them, you should be guaranteed a warm round of applause at the very least and that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your speech.

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