Someone once said “If you don’t have a sense of humor then you have no sense at all” and as Best Man perhaps the main expectancy of your speech is to have guests broadly smiling from ear to ear. Over the next four Friday’s we will be counting down the Top 20 Best Man Wedding Jokes, beginning today with number 20 to number 16.

The most important rule of thumb for anyone giving great Best Man speeches is not to make a joke at the Bride’s expense. With that in mind let us begin our journey through the Top 20 Best Man Wedding Jokes (using “Sarah” and “John” as our Bride & Groom) .

Top 20 Best Man Jokes

I can honestly say in all our years of friendship, I have never heard anyone question John’s intelligence, to be perfectly honest I never heard anyone even mention any intelligence on John’s part.

John it’s alright muttering a few words in the church and finding yourself married, but if you mutter a few words in your sleep you might find yourself divorced.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if there is anybody here who is feeling, worried, nervous or apprehensive it is probably because you just married John.

I’ve know John a long time and am considered a bit of a father figure to him. I have watched him crawl around on his knees, drink from a bottle and I’ve cleaned up after him but enough about the Bachelor Party.

A lady once said to her friend, “It is I who made my husband a millionaire”, the friend was impressed and asked what he was before he married her, to which she replied, “a multi-millionaire”.

You will note that these Best Man jokes are short one-liners which are a far safer option to use in your Best Man speech as long meandering jokes are generally not as well-received. Let us not forget the most morale-boosting tonic to anyone giving a Best Man speech is the sound of laughter and joy from the Wedding Guests. 

With these 200 Best Man Jokes you will gain a new-found confidence and give a great  Best Man speech that will live long in the memory.

Next Friday will see us count-down from Number 15 to 10 whilst on Monday we will discuss The Power of Poetry in your Best Man Speech.

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