The format of a Best Man Speech

You know by now the importance I stress on opening lines in your Best Man speech  well this is a guide to the format of your complete speech.

The Intro

Following your opening lines which I am sure you by now have perfected, introduce yourself to the guests, indicating your relationship to the Groom, bearing in mind that not all the guests may know you. A word of warning, keep it short, as the big day is about the Bride & Groom after all. Thank both sets of parents and the guests for helping make this a wonderful day. Express how you particularly want to thank those who have travelled far distances to be there.

The Bride

Say a couple of complimentary words about the Bride, mention how the Groom has been the happiest he has ever been since she came into his life. Say how beautiful she is and finish by saying something like “and those who know the Bride know she is just as beautiful on the inside” (a sure-fire winner with the guests).

The Groom

This is as I’m sure you know the main part of your Best Man speech, so this is where you put your Best Man speech research into action. Here you will perhaps discuss how the newlyweds met, or maybe something the Groom said (a compliment) about the Bride after their first date, or maybe even something that happened on the Bachelor Party, something clean and not self-incriminating obviously.

Now tell a story from the Grooms past that you know will embarrass him, you may discuss his lack of sporting-prowess for example of his lack of fashion-sense or a funny story from his schooldays, it is pivotal however that any story you consider for insertion in your Best Man speech should be neither humiliating nor offensive and suitable for all ages.

Say something nice about the Groom. Yes, you read that right, say something nice about the Groom. He is your best pal after all and has bestowed the honor of Best Man on you, so say something complimentary about him. Something along the lines of “the Groom has been my best friend for 20 years and I am very proud to stand as his Best Man today” will do, although it is nice to expand on that depending on the length of your speech.

The Toast & Closing Lines

This is the cornerstone of your Best Man speech and is where you should receive your loudest ovation. Here you will say some brief closing lines (1 to 2 lines maximum) followed by your Best Man Toast and then it is all over and you can enjoy your day in earnest.

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