An important part of a Best Man speech is building a rapport with your audience. Whilst going around personally introducing yourself to the wedding guests is worthy, it is not practical. However building a relationship and breaking down the barriers between you and your audience is vital. If you are Master of Ceremonies (M.C) at the wedding then as everybody settles down for their meal, and before you hand the microphone over to the first speaker, normally, the father of the Bride, welcome everybody to the event, announce your name and explain that you are Best Man.

Other ways of introducing yourself to the wedding guests can be done via your Best Man speech. The method of introducing yourself will be dependent on your style of Best Man speech.

If you are giving a sincere speech you introduce yourself by saying “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to todays very special occasion, my name is Mike, and I am very proud to be John’s Best Man but even more proud that I have been able to call him a friend for the last 10 years”.

If you are giving a funny speech then say something along the lines of “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike and I am your Best Man today, and for those of you who do know me, you may wish you didn’t by the end of the evening”.

For a lighthearted speech you might say something like “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Mike and I am delighted to be Best Man today. Should I meet any of you at the bar after the speech then my full name is Mike Wouldulikeadrink. Seriously today is a fantastic day and I am ably assisted by my fellow Groomsmen, Kevin, Jack and Brian”.

It is vital to ensure your introduction complements your style of Best Man speech, and remember to keep it short, then you can focus your attention on complimenting the Bride and your relationship with the Groom.

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