One of the most enjoyable and easiest methods of raising laughter and spirits while giving your speech is to include lighthearted marital advice to the newlyweds. Irrespective of whether you are married yourself, you can provide advice as if you were an expert albeit in a fun manner. This section can raise as much laughter as funny best man jokes and will be enjoyed by all.

You have two ways of leading into this section of your speech, if you are single you might say “Though I am not married myself I did extensive research on the internet and am now happy to pass my expertise over to the Bride and Groom…”

Or if you are a married you might say ” As a married man I could warn the newlyweds of what to expect from marriage but given that my own dear wife is here I will be going easy on the subject…”

You could then use one of these lines, choose whichever best suits your style of speech.

A successful husband is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

There are four words certain to end any row “you are right honey.”

Never answer “dust” if your partner asks you “what’s on TV today?”

Remember that in the word “wedding” the “we” comes before the “I’.

You will grow old and you will both change but the fun part is falling in love with same person over and over again.

These are in essence wedding one-liners that can help add further humor to your best man speech and ensure you receive confidence-building applause as you move on to the next part of it. It is important not to follow this up with more jokes, for better effect vary between sincerity and humor.

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