So the Big Day has arrived and your moment to shine is imminent, guests wait expectantly to hear the embarrassing stories and jokes at the Grooms expense. All in good time however, as my latest tip will take the focus off the Groom for a few moments and on to the Bride. Whilst it is customary of course to say a nice line about the Bride, it is not so common for a segment of your speech to be devoted solely towards her. This segment need only be two or three lines but if delivered correctly it will receive loud applause and possibly a standing ovation, and that is before you have even starting speaking in earnest about the Groom.

Five Example Lines That Compliment The Bride

For best effect, take the microphone in your hands, turn to face the Bride, and say for example;

“Sarah, I have gotten to know you since you met Mark and I am so proud of my Best Friend that he has married such a caring, gorgeous, warm, loving girl like yourself. Ladies like you don’t come along too often in life and I mean the word “lady” in every sense, you are the perfect couple.”

“Sarah, you have so many qualities that it would be impossible to fit them all in to this speech but to name a few, you are kind, generous, beautiful, warm, funny and today you are as radiant as the sun itself.”

“Sarah, while John is a great guy I don’t think we could call him a saint, you on the other hand are angelic in every way.You are a beautiful, special lady and John is a very lucky man.”

“Sarah not only are you the light of John’s life but I speak for all his friends when I say that your caring, generous, warm qualities show in abundance on a daily basis and I am sure the other ladies in the room will not mind me saying that you are the most radiant person in this room, but then again you would be the most radiant person in any room.”

“Sarah, you look sensational today and are such a beautiful, caring, loving person. Your delightful personality, glorious smile, generous nature and caring warmth are just some of the many reasons why John should consider himself the luckiest man in the world.”

When saying your line of choosing in this part of your speech, remember that the effect is just as important as the words, so say your words slowly and deliberately from memory, whilst looking at the Bride. If you master this, then your speech will linger long in the mind for all the right reasons.

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