Best man speeches for brothers provides great opportunities for funny stories and best man jokes.  Older brothers in particular are ripe for embarrassment by their younger brothers who can share stories about growing up with the groom and funny stories about innocent childhood rows that the audience will find endearing.  In a previous post we looked at short best man speeches for a brother today’s post focuses on how to give a best man speech for an older brother.

As the groom’s brother there will be a lot expected of your speech so take the time to prepare properly.  If time is against you or you do not feel confident about writing a best man speech then help is at hand in the form of some great best man speeches that will dazzle the audience and leave you feeling elated.

When you begin your speech once you have made reference to the bride’s family then talk about your parents and thank them for the great job they did on your older brother and you.  Once this is done you can get down to the business at hand, embarrassing your older brother.

When giving your best man speech for an older brother tell the guests what a role model he was and how he helped mould you into the person you are today.  This can be done in a funny way by saying something along the lines of “my brother considers himself a good role model for me, though if he was a good role model he’d return the $50 I gave him in the nightclub on the Bachelor Party, at least I think it was a nightclub but it may have been a different type of club if you know what I mean.”

Nostalgia plays a big part in a best man speech for a brother so say something like “as brothers we shared childhood memories along with grown-up dreams” before telling a story that showcases how you have always shared a great friendship with your brother, as well as being siblings.

Funny best man jokes are essential for the speech so have some good ones ready to include along with some kind words about his new wife, which will not only be appreciated by the bride but by the wedding audience in general.

Towards the end of your speech talk about your joy for the happy couple and congratulate them on what is destined to be a truly happy loving marriage and invite the guests to stand as you propose a toast in honor of the new husband and wife.

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