Best Man Speech Closing Lines

The closing lines in your Best Man speech are the lines you say that end your main speech but lead into the Wedding Toast. They are the most important lines of your Best Man speech, so it is vital that they are sincere, good-natured and appeal to the heart. Wedding guests have a tendency to remember the closing lines of speeches more than most so if you want your Best Man speech to be remembered for the right reasons then spend time mastering them.

By now you are armed with ten super Wedding Toasts so to help you along the way with closing lines I have provided 5 examples below.

Ladies and Gentlemen before we raise a toast to the happy couple I would just like to add what an honor it has been for me to be your Best Man today. I look forward later on to getting to meet those of you I already don’t know and getting reacquainted with old friends. Being Best Man is not an easy task but you made it easy for me so I thank you for that and finally I hope my speech was as enjoyable for you, as it was uncomfortable for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen as my speech comes to a conclusion, I would ask you to make a silent toast to absent friends. Today has been a very special day, and I have been very proud to stand as Best Man on this great occasion. Whether I have lived-up to my billing as Best Man is not for me to say, however there can be no doubt that you have been the best audience and I thank you all for that.

Ladies and Gentlemen today has been an amazing occasion and it is with a mixture of joy and relief that my speech draws to a close, joy for you and relief for me. Before we raise a toast to the happy couple I would like to finish my Best Man speech by thanking you all for your ears and sense of humor, God knows at times during my speech you needed it. To the Wedding Party I would like to finish by saying the pleasure has been all mine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in a few minutes we will be raising a toast for the Bride and Groom, and as a man who is willing to raise his glass for anything, I look forward to it. John and Sarah are the ideal couple, and you have been the perfect audience and I am very much honored to stand as Best Man today. A special mention must go to my Groomsmen who helped with my speech, I wrote the entertaining, sincere, funny parts, they wrote the rest.

The end of my Best Man speech is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, so before we toast the Newlyweds, all that remains is for me to thank each of you for my making my role as Best Man an unforgettable experience. Unlike my speech, it is a day that I don’t want to end and I look forward to the rest of the evening and the chance to meet with you all. Today has been a wonderful occasion one that will live long in the memory and I am sure, like me, that you are privileged to be part of it and for that we are indebted to the families of John and Sarah.

The key to writing a successful closing line is to remember it is a teaser to the Wedding Toast, you do not want a hilarious closing line followed by a mediocre Wedding Toast, so keep them poignant, light-hearted or gracious and enjoy the rapturous applause that follows.

Tomorrow we continue our “Countdown of the Top 20 Best Man Jokes” as we unveil numbers 15 to 10.

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